Single/Double Sided PCBs

Single sided PCBs comes with only one layer of conducting material on one side of the board and other side is used for incorporating different electronic components on the board. It gives components mechanical strength and strong base with different pads and lines incorporated on it, which electrically connect different components on the board.

Double-sided PCBs are widely used in the industry. They allow for the routing of traces around each other by jumping between a top and bottom layer by way of vias. Double-sided PCBs have a conductor pattern on of the both sides of the board requiring an electrical connection between them.

At Circuitronix, We design and manufacture all industry wide available surface finishes, meeting all the temperature requirements not compromising with the quality and at very competitive prices.


  • Economical in nature
  • Provides flexibility in punching
  • Application include calculators, printers, LED lighting, relays, etc.
Capability Specification
Layer Count / Technology 1L / 2L
Thickness Range 0.5 - 2.4 mm
Materials FR4, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR1
Temperature From 90 ℃ thru 210 ℃
Copper Thickness 18µm / 35µm / 70µm / 105µm / 140µm
Copper Plating Holes 20µm ( 25µm )
Line / Spacing 100µm / 100µm
Soldermask Color Green / White / Black / Red / Blue
Surfaces HASL, Lead free HASL, Imm Silver, Imm Gold, Flash Gold, Carbon/Silver Printing , High Temp. OSP, Imm Tin