Embedded Systems

Embedded systems development requires special consideration and timely action to ensure that your design and manufacturing meets all industry standards.

Circuitronix designs and manufactures printed circuit boards that meet the Quality Management System requirements and focuses on reducing procurement time and aid with component security. We use precise specific techniques, tolerance levels, maintain durability and achieve proper aspect ratios for accuracy and precision in building of our circuit boards.

Harsh and challenging environments require multi-board design, simultaneous collaboration and the ability to simulate your board's response to various conditions. We at Circuitronix ensure that the PCBs designed with quality and heat resistance technology by testing through pre layout simulations and impedance.

Are we everywhere?

As every electronic circuit demands pcbs and here is where Circuitronix steps in. No circuit or electronic product is complete without the printed circuit board and we ensure to take care of this requirement.

Circuitronix provides the most suitable PCBs meeting all the IPC standards. We also take care of quality along with precision by using quality heat resistant materials and thermal compounds where heat dissipation becomes a prerequisite.

Circuitronix manufactures pcbs using that include the FR4 epoxy resin and glass fiber PCB that allows heat distribution in larger surface but with improved thermal dissipation.