The Automotive industry increasingly relys on electronic components in the modern era, which require high reliability, long life service, at a highly competitive rate. Today's automobiles take advantage of the ever- advancing electronic circuit technology by incorporating PCBs into applications.

We at Circuitronix design and manufacture PCBs to support each individual application and work in the real- world environments, which can withstand the rigors of the automotive world.

Automotive sector demands zero ppm rates and we at Circuitronix strives to meet your demands not limited to A-B-C sampling, including the needed paperwork such as PPAP.

How do we rule Automotive Sector?

Reliability and performance go hand in hand. We at Circuitronix ensure that reliability, performance and efficiency of a PCB in an automobile is top demanding regardless of the terrain an automobile goes through. Modular design also requires important factors such as power distribution taken into consideration. Our engineers make sure that the design is transposable and maintain the overall quality of the PCB keeping in mind the physical reservation space available in the automobile.

Technology advancement will increase the demand of compact products that are not only environment friendly but also cost effective and design oriented. Circuitronix thus ensures the best in class quality keeping in mind the environment and the cost effective approach.

A few automotive applications our PCBs are used:

  • Power relays
  • Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) control modules
  • Engine Coolant Level (ECL) Monitors
  • Antilock brake systems
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Digital displays in automobiles
  • Transmission sensors
  • On board radar
  • Stereo and audio devices
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)